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1. Stages of Change

a. Overview of Stages of Change

b. Stages of Change, "Rehab Works!"

2.The Hero's Journey: A Storytelling Adventure

a. The Gnome

b. Relating The Gnome to the Stages of Change

3. Stages of Change: From Pre-contemplation to Contemplation

a. Drug use history

b. Disease model and symptoms of addiction

c. Reservations

d. Determining motivation: benefits versus risks, internal versus external  

        motivation, etc.

4. The Gnome and the Stages of Change: Contemplation

a. Loss of innocence

b. The "old you"

c. Denial

5. The Recovery Wheel

a. On the Path or off the Path?

b. "Who am I?"

c. Power greater than myself

d. Death and rebirth

e. Psychospiritual development and the 12-Steps

6. Who Am I?

a. Significant life events

b. Family history of addictions, special issues

c. Primary feelings

d. Talents, strengths, goals

7. The Journey Musical Recovery Program: Pt I

a. Introduction

b. Beginnings: Original Wholeness

c. Little Girls and Boys: Childhood innocence

d. Set-Up/Tale of December: Family of origin

8. Stages of Change: Preparation

a. Developing a recovery plan

b. Review: How motivated am I for following the plan?

c. Continuum of care: RTC, IOP, aftercare

d.12-Step recovery: Working a recovery program

e. Relapse prevention: triggers

f. "Rehab Works!": Creating A Solid Foundation

g. My Recovery Plan

9. Stages of Change: Action

a. The Gnome: Slaying our dragons (identifying treatment issues)

b. 24-hour plan (daily recovery journal)

10. Admission Step

a. Loss of control: Using when I didn't intend to

b. Unmanageability: Harmful consequences related to use

11. The Journey To The Heart Meditation Program

a. Begin ongoing meditation journal. Use musical guided imagery pieces for relaxation, breath awareness, inner guidance.

12. Hang Glider

a. Steps 2 and 3

b. "Turn it over"

c. "Leap of faith"

d. CBT worksheet: "My will" versus "voices of recovery"

e. CBT worksheet: Rethinking fears

13. The Journey Musical Recovery Program: Pt II

a. Lost and Found: Adolescent developmental needs

b. Windowpane Night: The disease of addiction

c. Woke Up This Morning: Codependency, love/sex addiction

d. All That I Can Do: Powerlessness, hitting bottom

e. Electric Nights: Dry drunk, switching addictions

f. Dark Night of the Soul: Initiation, death to the old self

g. Open Your Eyes (What's Goin' On): Denial and self centerednes

14. The Gnome: Personal Transformation

a. Pacing: no quick way out

b. Using our strengths to develop self-esteem

c. Relapse prevention skills

d. Personal Transformation

15. The Journey Musical Recovery Program Pt III

a. Butterfly: Transformation

b. Chop Wood, Carry Water: Spiritual recovery

16. Stages of Change: Maintenance

a. Developing routines: 24 hour plan, turning our will over, rethinking fears

b. Statement of Identity: What have I accomplished

c. Relapse prevention plan








The following provides a listing of topics included in the Journey to Recovery Program. The material is presented through a combination of printed workbooks and an interactive online format.