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Jim Savage, LCDC has worked in the chemical dependency field since 1984. Having received his training in Minneapolis, Minnesota—the home of the “Minnesota Model” for substance abuse treatment, his experience is strongly rooted in the elements that support this approach to treatment: 12-Step recovery, the disease model, family recovery, spirituality, and ongoing support (aftercare).

In addition to his clinical skills, Jim is known for his ability to use music, storytelling, theater, meditation, and other spiritual practices as an adjunct to treatment. It is the culmination of these varied interests and talents that led to a unique body of work that JIm has used in his consulting work with numerous substance abuse treatment programs for over 25 years. He ties all of this together in one comprehensive treatment curriculum with The Journey To Recovery Program.

Evidence-Based Modalities

The Journey To Recovery Program includes the most effective evidence-based trends in treatment. Combined with the popular creative aspects of Jim’s work, the material utilizes the Stages Of Change Model as a foundation for the program. This goes hand in hand with Motivational Enhancement Therapy, as much of the work relative to Stages Of Change focuses on identifying and increasing motivation for change.

Coursework is presented in a manner that utilizes a cognitive behavioral (CBT) approach. This includes decisional balancing worksheets, identification of faulty thinking, weighing benefits versus risks, and more. The program also includes an entire component dedicated to mindfulness, another evidence-based modality. Clients learn meditation and relaxation techniques that are used for stress management and alternative coping skills.

Continuum Of Care

Research shows that one of the most common reasons for relapse is premature withdrawal from the treatment process. The Journey To Recovery Program outlines a clear plan for the treatment process that provides a realistic perspective of how long one should remain actively engaged in utilizing support.

Treatment Success

As an advocate for improving treatment outcomes, Jim Savage designed The Journey To Recovery Program to reinforce strategies that lead to successful recovery and help clients avoid common pitfalls that contribute to treatment failure.

Top evidence-based modalities presented in a uniquely creative format makes The Journey To Recovery Program one of the most effective foundations for substance abuse treatment available today.

The Journey To Recovery

Jim Savage blends state of the art clinical modalities with creative activities that bring the recovery process to life in a way that everyone can relate to.