The groundbreaking new substance use disorder curriculum that leads to treatment success!

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Top evidence-based treatment modalities, combined with a creative approach that makes recovery fun and easy to understand, The Journey To Recovery Program is one of the most innovative solutions available for substance use disorder treatment and recovery from addiction.

Supports traditional treatment models:

    • 12-Step based

    • Disease model

    • Relapse prevention planning

    • Family recovery

    • Spirituality

Integrates the most effective evidence-based therapeutic modalities:

    • Stages Of Change Model (SCM)

    • Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    • Experiential Therapy

    • Mindfulness


A creative approach brings the recovery process to life by making it easy to relate to:

    • Music

    • Storytelling and metaphor

    • Meditation and guided imagery

"An amazing combination of creativity and sophisticated academic content."

Here are a few examples of the multi-media components featured in The Journey To Recovery curriculum:

Stages of Change: Building a solid foundation

This video demonstrates how storytelling is used to teach the Stages of Change Model, the central component of The Journey To Recovery Program that helps clients establish a solid foundation for recovery.

The Journey: Music and Recovery

"The Journey" is a recovery rock musical that tells a story about overcoming addiction and finding a new life in recovery.  Each song is used to examine a specific aspect of the addiction-rercovery process.

The video below features the song "Windowpane Night", which is used to study the progressive nature of addiction. What starts out as fun and meeting needs becomes destructive and potentilly fatal.

(click lower right for full screen)

(click lower right for full screen)

Advances in addiction treatment

A "whole-brain" approach to addiction treatment

A neuroscientic approach to examining what makes therapy effective reveals the value of recognizing the different aspects of brain function. What makesThe Journey To Recovery Program so effective is precisely its ability to engage both the right-brain and left-brain and maximize their respective functions. READ MORE...


The Journey To Recovery Program is a self-contained multi-media curriculum that provides one of the most effective approaches to addiction treatment available.

Designed for:

• Adolescents and young adults

• Residential or outpatient treatment

• Self-help and individual



• Increased motivation for change

• Clear plan of action to accomplish change

• Positive alternatives to chemical use

• Creative approach using music,  

  storytelling, and meditation